Investing her heart fully in what she loves! Journey of Celebrity Makeup Artist & Photographer Angel Samples


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People often say that you should fully love what you do, and Angel Samples is a perfect example of that. Born in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and raised in South Carolina, she comes from humble beginnings. She was brought up by a single mother along with her five siblings. As a result, life was never easy, with her mother struggling to put food on the table. However, this experience also helped her learn more about herself. She knew she never wanted to live in such a situation if she could help herself. After all, there had to be more to life than worrying about where to find your next meal. 

Hence, Angel Samples ensured she dedicated herself to working as hard as possible. After graduating high school, she started working as a waitress. She always enjoyed doing hair and makeup for friends when they hung out. That is what led her to pursue her passion. Though she wanted to enroll in a cosmetology school, unfortunately, it was expensive. So, she planned to save enough until she could chase her dreams. Working as a waitress isn’t glamorous, but it paid dividends for this ambitious young lady because that’s where she met her husband. 

One thing led to another, and Angel Samples finally got into a cosmetology school. After she finished school, Angel started doing hair and makeup for weddings. She also discovered her love for photography in 2011. However, she struggled to find the right niche for her as a photographer. Eventually, a year later, things changed when she found pageants. This discovery prompted her to open her first studio, offering hair, makeup, and photography for pageant girls. It would also be the turning point in her career as things started to take off. The following year she also got married to the love of her life. While things progressed well in her professional and personal life, the versatile makeup artist wanted to take things further.


Hence, she decided to open a boutique catering to pageant girls. She moved and built a new studio big enough to accommodate her hair and makeup business, her photography business, and her newly-conceived boutique. Unfortunately, if things weren’t stressful enough, Angel Samples also suffered a setback in her personal life as she battled infertility with her husband. The couple started working with an infertility specialist to conceive. During the time she was taking infertility pills and shots, Angel also began working on her makeup line. She flew to New York and California to learn more and returned to launch her own lash line. However, it would take her another four years before completing her full makeup line. Fortunately for her, things also changed in her personal life as she became pregnant in January 2017 after two miscarriages and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. 

Balancing pregnancy with running a business isn’t easy. As a result, the makeup artist and photographer decided to sell her studio after she was presented with an offer too good to refuse. The decision forced her to close her boutique and move her hair, makeup, and photography business to a smaller studio. During her maternity leave, Angel devised a new idea. She started designing baby clothes and opened an online baby clothes boutique. However, she soon realized she was better off devoting more time to her makeup line, which needed significant attention. So, she shut down her baby boutique after seven months and diverted all her attention to growing her makeup line. 
By 2019, Angel Samples already had plans to build a new studio. She started saving to fund her dream, which fortunately came to fruition in 2020. Her new hair,  makeup, and photography studio came to life in 2021 and has served as the venue for her celebrity makeovers. Meanwhile, she remains focused on growing her cosmetic line and offering high-end headshot photography and event hair and makeup services.

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