Is Tyler Perry Married? Exploring His Relationship History and Current Status


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Many people wonder, “Is Tyler Perry married?” The answer is No. Tyler Perry is not currently in a marriage. Additionally, he has never been married before.

Who Is Tyler Perry?

Tyler Perry. The big man on campus. The guy who made all the movies and shows about families and stuff. You know the ones – with the sassy grandmas and loud-mouthed uncles. Super successful dude. Inspirational rags to riches story. But is he married?

Is Tyler Perry Married?

No. The short answer is no, Tyler Perry is not married. Never has been. Isn’t it mind-boggling to ponder the myriad relationship tumults depicted in his films and series? One might assume he’d have traversed the matrimonial aisle at least once by now. But nope. Old TP is still single as a dollar bill.

Quick Bio

Name:Tyler Perry
Birth Date:September 13, 1969
Birthplace:New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Occupation:Filmmaker, Playwright, Actor, Producer
Relationships:Gelila Bekele (2009-2020, son: Aman Tyler Perry)
Children:1 (Aman Tyler Perry)
Marital Status:Single

Tyler Perry’s Past Relationships

Okay, so Perry has had some girlfriends before. Nothing too serious from what we know. Note that rumor has it he dated that model Tyra Banks at some point. And supposedly that actress Tasha Smith too, although she said she thought he was asexual. Hilarious.

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Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele

The one legit relationship Tyler had was with this Ethiopian model named Gelila Bekele. Note that they met at a Prince concert in 2007. Took them two years to start dating in 2009 though. Smart move probably, taking it slow.

They were together for 11 years. Moved in together, acted like an old married couple. Walked all those red carpets side by side, her on his arm. They did all kinds of charity work too, helping people. Looked real good together.

In the middle of it, in 2014, they had a baby boy. Named him Aman Tyler Perry. Cute kid. You never see pictures of him though, gotta respect the privacy.

So for 11 years, Perry and Bekele were partners. Everyone thought they’d marry eventually. But it never happened. In 2020, they broke up. We don’t know exactly why. 

Is Tyler Perry Dating Now?

From what we can tell, no, Tyler Perry is not dating anyone currently. In late 2020, right after the Gelila breakup, he posted a workout selfie. Said it was his midlife crisis at 51, being single and wondering what’s next. The dude’s got this undeniable flair for the dramatic, no doubt about it.

But who can say? Perhaps he got into a fresh romance lately, keeping it all hush-hush for now. Note that the paparazzi would go wild if TP had a new girlfriend. Only time will tell.

Tyler Perry’s Son

Even though Perry does not have a wife, he is a dad. Had that son Aman with Gelila in 2014, like we mentioned. From the little info out there, seems like a smart kid who loves Bob Marley. Go figure.

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TP looks like a devoted dad though. Once said he may not make a great husband, always working, but knows he’ll be an awesome father. Got to respect that self-awareness at least.

Will Tyler Perry Ever Get Married?

This is the million dollar question. When asked about marriage in the past, Tyler has expressed doubts. Wondered out loud how he could be a good husband with his insane work schedule. Always putting in mad hours on set.

For now though, Tyler Perry is unmarried. No wedding ring. No wife or girlfriend that we know of. Just a single dad keeping it real and building his empire, one brick at a time. Gotta respect the hustle.

Conclusion: Is Tyler Perry Married?

So there you have it. The full scoop on whether that famous guy Tyler Perry has put a ring on it or not. The verdict? Nope, he’s flying solo for now. No wife, no girlfriend that anyone knows about. Just Tyler Perry and his millions of dollars and that son of his.

Maybe that’s how he likes it. After all, the man is constantly working. Always writing scripts, directing movies, and making TV shows. When would he ever have time for a wife anyway? She’d just be sitting at home alone while he’s on set pulling another 20 hour day. No thanks.

TP learned from his tough upbringing that you don’t need some fancy marriage to be happy and successful. Built an entire entertainment empire from nothing. That’s the American dream right there.

And he’s got that son too. Little Aman. Seems like a smart, chill kid who digs Bob Marley just like his old man probably did back in the day. Tyler can pour all his fatherly wisdom and love into that boy. Show him the way. No wife required for that. At the end of the day, only Tyler Perry knows if he’ll ever enter a marriage. 

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Q1: Is Tyler Perry married?

No, Tyler Perry is not currently in a marriage. Additionally, he has never been married before.

Q2: Did Tyler Perry date any celebrities?

So, you hear whispers about Tyler Perry having a brief fling with models like Tyra Banks and actress Tasha Smith back in the day. But aside from Gelila Bekele, there’s been no other confirmed celebrity romances in his book.

Q3: What has Tyler Perry said about potentially getting married?

In some earlier interviews, Perry dropped hints about his doubts regarding whether his crazy work schedule could let him be the stellar husband he aims to be. Nonetheless, he’s adamant about being an amazing father to his son, no doubt about it.

Q4: What has made Tyler Perry so successful despite never marrying?

Tyler Perry, the maestro behind an insanely successful entertainment empire, crafted through his plays, films, TV shows, and businesses, all centered around families, faith, and relationships – and get this, never tied the knot himself!