Who is Corey Harrison’s Wife?: Korina Harrison’s Age, Early Life, Biography And More – Here’s All You Need To Know


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Enter the fascinating world of Korina Harrison, a fascinating person whose tale reveals itself with a charming mix of mystery. Being the spouse of Corey Harrison, the well-known star of the reality TV program “Pawn Stars,” Korina’s life is full of interesting encounters & experiences. 

Every aspect of Korina’s journey, from her vibrant personality to her love of charity & travel, provides a window into a life well lived. Come explore the mysterious world of Korina Harrison with us, where every turn yields a fresh surprise & every encounter piques interest.

Who is Korina Harrison?

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Wife of “Pawn Stars” star Corey Harrison, Korina Harrison is a vibrant lady whose presence is felt both on & off television. Her charming & witty demeanour enthrals listeners, along with her captivating personality & adventurous spirit. In addition to being Corey’s encouraging spouse, Korina is well-known for her love of fashion, travel, & charitable giving. 

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Her active social media presence provides insights into her many hobbies, which range from travelling to far-off places to supporting organisations that are dear to her. Korina is adored by viewers of the popular reality program & other media because she epitomises power & elegance.

Here’s a biography table for Korina Harrison:

Full NameKorina Harrison
Date of BirthNot publicly available
Place of BirthNot publicly available
OccupationNot publicly available
SpouseCorey Harrison
MarriageMay 2017 – September 2018 (Divorced)
Height5 feet 6 inches (confirmed)
Notable TraitsPassion for travel, fashion, and philanthropy
Current StatusNot publicly available

How Old is Korina Harrison?

It is difficult to find Korina Harrison’s age via open sources. Given her private life & lack of public profile compared to her spouse Corey Harrison, it’s possible that some information about her age is not well-known or revealed.

What is the Height of Korina Harrison?

Korina Harrison is five feet six inches tall (5’6″). Her physical size, which is moderate & fits with her appearance & manner, is shown by this verified information.

Korina Harrison’s Early Life

It is rare to get anything on Korina Harrison’s early years in public sources. Since she is a private person & is not as well-known in the media as her husband Corey Harrison, details on her early life, family history, & upbringing could not be easily found. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that her route provided the groundwork for her to become the vibrant, diverse person that she is now, with her own hobbies & interests guiding her future & her supporting position in Corey’s life.

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Korina & Corey Harrison’s Marriage Life

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Long-term standing and cooperation of the campaign stars Korina Harrison and Corey Harrison (aka Big Hoss from the reality TV show “Pawn Stars”) is displayed by their marriage. The twosome chose to read their vows in front of their friends and family to symbolize starting a family and permanently tying the knot in 2017. Their longtime partnership is based on views of equality, similitudes, & stability of the support they give each other.

Their romance bloomed amid the pace & bustle of Las Vegas. Their married life is often documented on social media, where they share updates about their travels, life achievements, & happy moments. Korina & Corey support one another through good times & bad, enduring life’s highs & lows with unwavering dedication to their union & one another.

When Did Korina and Corey Harrison Get Divorced?

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The short marriage of Korina Harrison & Corey Harrison, which lasted from May 2017 to September 2018, is said to have ended in divorce, however specifics are yet unknown. The main cause of the disagreement that resulted in their separation was mentioned by both parties as their rigorous work schedules. 

They are claimed to have had a friendly friendship & wished each other well in the future despite the difficulties they encountered. Even though their marriage may not have lasted long, their respect & understanding of one another seems to have helped them navigate through the change, demonstrating their maturity & dedication to a peaceful conclusion.

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Do Korina and Corey Harrison Have Kids Together?

One kid, born during their marriage, is shared by Korina & Corey Harrison. Details like the child’s name, age, & any other identifying information are not made public & should be respected in order to preserve their privacy. Korina & Corey are probably responsible parents who put their kid’s privacy & well-being first, making sure the youngster grows up in a loving & caring atmosphere away from the limelight.

Korina Harrison’s Current Status

It is unknown what Korina Harrison‘s present situation is. Since she is a private person & is not as well-known in the media as her husband Corey Harrison, detailed information on her recent undertakings, pursuits, or private life may not always be easily obtained. She could decide to keep certain parts of her life private, just like a lot of others who respect their privacy. Her present situation is thus still unknown to the general public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Korina Harrison:

1. Q: When did Corey Harrison & Korina Harrison get married?
  • A: In May 2017, Korina Harrison wed Corey Harrison.
2. Q: What is the main explanation given for the breakup of Korina & Corey Harrison?
  • A: The main cause of their breakup was said to be their tight work schedules.
3. Q: What was the duration of Korina & Corey Harrison’s union?
  • A: From May 2017 until September 2018, Korina & Corey Harrison were wed.
4. Q: Are Korina & Corey Harrison parents to any kids?
  • A: Korina & Corey Harrison are parents to a single kid.
5. Q: What information is accessible to the public on the kid of Korina & Corey Harrison?
  • A: To preserve their privacy, information like their child’s name, age, & any other identifying details are not made public.


As we approach the close of our investigation into Korina Harrison’s life, it is clear that her influence goes far beyond the glamour & flash of a television celebrity. The tale of Korina serves as a reminder that every well-known person has a complicated web of interests, experiences, & passions hidden under the surface. 

Even if there are still certain details about her life that are unknown, her effect & influence are evident. Let us preserve the appreciation of the richness & variety of human life, as well as the knowledge that every person, like Korina Harrison, has a tale worth discovering, as we say goodbye to this window into her world.