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Lindsay Ellis’s debut novel, named “Axiom’ End”, became the New York Times bestseller. Lindsay published the Novel in July 2020. The American film critic Miss Lindsay Ellis is also an author and a YouTuber. She ended her affiliation with Channel Awesome’s TV series named “The Nostalgia Chick” in 2014, and the reason was that she wants to focus more on her long-form video essays. Lindsay got success in her debut novel and got nominated for ‘Hugo Award’ for best-related work. Lindsay Ellis got married in June 2018. Do you know about Lindsay Ellis husband? Well, Lindsay Ellis husband name is Nick, and he is a big fan of Transformers. He owns an enormous collection of Transformers. I will discuss more of him and Lindsay’s personal life. Scroll down to read more.

So, let’s check the index. Today’s index includes Lindsay Ellis bio, Lindsay Ellis height, Lindsay Ellis age, Lindsay Ellis husband, Nostalgia critic the wall, Lindsay Ellis wedding, Lindsay Ellis fiancée, What happened to Nostalgia chick? Ready to start? I hope you are. Let’s begin…!!!!

What do you know about Lindsay Ellis? Let’s give a quick look at Lindsay Ellis bio.

Lindsay is a YouTuber also as she runs her channel on the name “Lindsay Ellis” and has gained 1.17 million subscribers as of August 2021. Most of her videos are on ‘Walt Disney films’. There is more to know about her. But first, let’s look at Lindsay Ellis bio.

NameLindsay Carole Ellis
Date of birthNovember 24, 1984
Place of birthJohnson City, Tennessee, US
HeightApprox. 5ft. 4inch/1.65m
WeightApprox. 55kg/121lbs

Do you know? According to some sources, Lindsay is bisexual. Lindsay Ellis is married currently. She is living a peaceful life with her husband, Nick, in Los Angeles. She has worked in Tv show named “The Nostalgia chick” from 2008 to 2014 and has played the role of Nostalgia chick. Lindsay left the show to concentrate more on long-form video essays. So, this is a little information on Lindsay Ellis bio.

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Do you know about Lindsay Ellis husband? Who is Lindsay Ellis boyfriend?

Lindsay Ellis and her boyfriend Nick ties a knot on 10th June 2018, and you know what? The wedding cake of Lindsay and Nick was Transformers themed, with two characters named Windblade and Starscream on it. This reveals that Nick is a big fan of Transformers. As of now, there is no more information available on Lindsay Ellis husband NickLindsay has shared nothing about her husband in the media. Hopefully, her fans could get information about Lindsay Ellis husband through her social media platforms on her next marriage anniversary.

Lindsay was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Todd Nathanson. But now as know, she is a married woman, and there is no news on Lindsay Ellis boyfriend. You can say Nick is her husband cum boyfriend.

How tall is Lindsay Ellis? What is Lindsay Ellis height?

Talking about Lindsay’s physique, Lindsay Ellis height is approx. 5ft. 4inch/1.65m. her weight is approx. 55kg/121lbs. I hope now you are clear about Lindsay Ellis height.

Lindsay Ellis was born in Johnson City, Tennessee, the US, on 24th November 1984, to her parents’ father (James Carroll Ellis) and mother (Sue Ellis). Her father was a native Navy Veteran and passed away in October 2020 because of a disease named Parkinson. Her mother is working as a school counsellor at Science Hill.

Lindsay’ father James Carroll

Do you about Lindsay Ellis age? How old is she?

Lindsay was born on 24th November 1984 and raised by her parents in Tennessee, USA. Currently, Lindsay Ellis age is 36 and is going to turn 37 by November 2021. Lindsey has shared nothing about her birthday celebrations last year on her social media accounts and YouTube as well.

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Lindsay Ellis completed her graduation in 2007 (BA in Film Studies) from New York University and master in 2011 (MFA) from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. After that, she started her career in the film industry. Then later write and directed various short films.

How did Lindsay celebrate her wedding? Let’s give you a glimpse of Lindsey Ellis wedding.

Lindsay Ellis fiance name is Nick, and they both got married in June 2018. After Lindsay Ellis wedding, they both went on a honeymoon trip to Japan. According to some sources, Lindsay always wanted to keep her marriage a secret. But two years ago, she shared a picture of her on Twitter. That reveals that she got married in 2018. 

The guest list of Lindsay Ellis wedding includes her friends from her Tv series (The Nostalgia Chick), as she has shared pictures of her marriage with Nick in her Ig account ( celebrating her wedding anniversary. Lindsay Ellis fiance Nick was in the spotlight when the world gets to about his wedding with Lindsay Ellis. Currently, there is no news on Lindsay Ellis fiance occupation.

What happened to Nostalgia Chick? Let’s discuss Nostalgia critic the wall.

Lindsay Ellis worked in the Tv show named ‘The Nostalgia Chick’ under the production company ‘Channel Awesome’ from 2008 to 2014. Lindsay Ellis was drifting away from acting as a director female to the Nostalgia critic the wall. Do you know? Lindsay produced several episodes of this show, and she also reviewed the shows and movies that were targeted to the female audience.

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Lindsey was more interested in studying Long-form video essays, and this was the reason for her cut-off from the show. Soon her friends shine as the original characters in the Tv show (The Nostalgia Chick). This Tv show has approx. 115 episodes. That’s what happened to Nostalgia Chick.


Lindsay Ellis is a hard-working lady. Her studies show her interest in acting. After graduating in Film Studies, she got a break in 2008. She was a lead actress in the Tv show The Nostalgia Chick. She worked as a director and writer as well. Her other shows are “Too Boldly Flee” and “MORE”. For more, you can follow her on her Instagram and can subscribe to her channel too.