Madison Keys Parents: Delving Into Life, Support, And Influence Of Rick And Christine


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Madison Keys has earned quite a name with her impressive tennis career. She has been ranked at number 7, breaking many previous records while also setting new ones. Though madison keys parents always come first, whenever she is asked to talk about figures who inspired her most. They have been quite supportive and loving throughout her journey, sharing a crucial role in Madison’s rise to prominence. So, let us take a brief look at her mom and dad and know how are they really like.

Who Are Madison Keys Parents?

Madison came to the spotlight as one of the top leading tennis players, making a number of records with her skills. She has earned many awards and accolades while being only 28 years old. However, Madison Keys parents are Rick and Christine Keys. 

Her mom Christine used to be a collegiate swimmer, though her dad Rick now works as an attorney. Not to say, though both have been quite supportive of their daughter Madison’s tennis career from a young age. Currently, both of her mom and dad are living in America.

Madison Keys Profile Summary

Full NameMadison Keys
Age28 years old
Date of Birth17 February 1995
Relationship StatusEngaged
MomChristine Keys
DadRick Keys
ProfessionProfessional Tennis Player
Net Worth$8 Million (2023)
Height1.78 meter
Weight66 kg

How Old Are Madison Keys Parents?

Rick and Christine, keys’ dad and mom, are said to born around in the late of 1950s, though it has not been confirmed. If this comes true, they will be in their mid to late 60s currently in 2024. However, their birth dates are yet to be confirmed. Although, Madison is 28 years old, being born on February 17, 1995.

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How Did Madison Keys Parents Meet?

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Rick and Christine Keys, Madison Keys parents, are actually believed to first meet each other during sports events or something. Christine, her mom, used to be a former collegiate swimmer, however, her dad Rick now working as an attorney, was quite interested in sports as well. 

They might have first met during their college, according to many sources. However, later they started seeing each other and got very close. Soon, this led to their marriage, sad to say though the date is not clear. Many say if it was not for sports, they might not have met each other.

After a few years of marriage, they got blessed with their daughter Madison Keys, coming to her parent’s life on February 17, 1995. However, not to say, rick and Christine were during her time of birth in Rock Island, Illinois. 

What Does Madison Keys Dad and Mom Do?

Talking about Madison Keys parents, her mom Christine Keys is a former collegiate swimmer. While specific details about her current life are yet to be confirmed, many suggest her mom has been quite interested in athletics, at least from her college. 

Madison Keys’ dad, Rick Keys, though actually makes his living by working as an attorney. Yes, he pursued his career in legal after completing school, sad to say though his education details are not known so far. 

Do They Have Other Kids?

In addition to her family details, Madison Keys though has three siblings whose names are actually Montana, Hunter, and Sydney. Besides their name, sad to say, no other details are known about them, such as their age, what they do, whether they are married, etc.

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Are Madison’s Mom and Dad Still Together?


Fortunately, parents of Madison Keys, as of the available information, Rick and Christine Keys are still married and living together. Many publications have mentioned her parents have not shared any details about getting a divorce or separation so far, seeming happy with their marriage and with what they have.

Madison Parent’s Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion, Zodiac

Christine and Rick are both Americans, including their daughter Madison. It is suggested that they are of biracial ethnicity, and might follow Christianity. However, their zodiac and other details are not known to the public yet.

Keys Mom and Dad’s Instagram

As of what we know about keys mom and dad, her parents don’t have any official Instagram accounts or other social media. Though not to say, fans can explore madi’s Instagram or TikTok profile where she shares updates and details.


Rick and Christine keys, madison keys parents, have played pivotal roles in supporting their daughter’s successful tennis career. As attorneys and loving parents, though they helped shape her career and did everything possible to provide the best care to Madison. As we can see, her family shares a strong bond to each other, standing more like a testament to her journey and achievements.


Who are Madison’s parents?

Madison’s mom is Christine and her dad is Rick, both making a living as attorney.

What is Madison keys age?

If we are to know madison keys age in 2024, our tennis star is no more than 28 years old.

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How old are Key’s mom and dad?

Not as much clear, though her mom and dad were reportedly born in the 1950s. So, they would be in their mid to late 60s in 2024.