Maximizing Solar Panel Efficiency: A Guide to Proper Mounting


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From the point of view of the implementation of the solar energy in order words the correct placing and styling of the solar panels are of much importance The way you set up your solar panels accurately will help you use the available space effectively which will give you better performance. Here you have an all–in approach on maximizing the output of your installed solar panels.


Orient your solar panels in the first place so that they take advantage of the available sunlight. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s best to have this panels face south as much as possible, as this allows for maximum sunlight acquisition all day long. But only time will tell if any rooftop modifications need to be made based on your local condition and specific attic shape.

Tilt Angle

The exact tilt angle is not the main factor for the highest energy production, but arranging it properly is very important. The tilt angle of your solar panels, almost, should be equal to your latitude for best functionality. Nevertheless, this might entail shifting the system slightly is due to seasonal changes and produce energy at varying amounts throughout the year.


Try not to paint near your solar panels with any color that would allow sunlight into it as it could shade your solar panel. Not only shading of the panels can massively decrease the level of energy production, that’s why one has to continuously check the environment and check whether the sun’s rays would provide the maxim level or at least the decent one.

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Mounting Structure

The mounting structure must be sturdy and, furthermore, have the capability to endure different weather elements. Whichever one you choose to install, ensure the system is well anchored and fulfills the local building requirements. The three types available are roof-mounted, ground-mounted, and pole-mounted ones.

Proper Ventilation

Make sure that there is enough ventilation around the solar panels so as not to have heat accumulation because the latter impair their work effectively. A gap should be left between the panels and the mounting surface to callow simple circulation and release of emitted heat, respectively.

Regular Maintenance

Allow a timely period of attention and maintenance for your solar panel system to make sure that it operates as it should. Remove the obstructions, that is the leaves or plough, and check for the impact or abrasion marks on the frame and the mounting structure.

Monitoring and Adjustment

install the monitoring systems for your solar panels to observe their performance and make either solar panel or adjustments if necessary. Via monitoring applications, detailed information regarding energy production can be extracted. The goal is to improve panel position alongside inclination for the benefit of genuine power production.

The best location for mounting solar panels has to ensure maximum generation and maximum increase in performance. Through the recognition of the siding, shading, mounting, and cooling off the panels, ventilation, cleaning, and supervising, you can get a high performance from the solar panel system.
Of course a knowledgeable solar installation company in your locality is there for you in case you need their expert advice and personalized tips for solar installation. They can give you accurate data and advice that could also be specifically related to your needs and locality, identifying the best choice in this case which is like Mission Solar Energy.

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