Noctex: A clothing brand that revolves around the “REAL” people


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There is no denying that fashion helps you express your emotions and reflect your personality. However, wearing the right clothes and accessories can also make you feel good about yourself and become more confident in your own skin. In addition to that, the perfect attire can complement your physical features, making you stand out from the crowd. This is where Noctex comes in.

This clothing brand eschews the principles and traditions of the fashion industry while favoring everyday customers. Launched in 2011, the online fashion retailer started as a vintage shop, which featured an eclectic collection of re-purposed clothing articles. The founder, Negin Izad, made garter-stocking accessories during this period. The brand’s first pair of Skeleton Garters was launched at the tail end of 2012, which went viral on Tumblr. It was the spark Noctex needed to catapult to new heights.

Soon, Negin got her first wholesale order from Tokyo after a client wore her Garters. She was even featured in a Japanese street-style magazine. She quickly designed a set of printed leggings and an underwear series to expand the Noctex brand, and things took off. In fact, the gifted designer credits Tumblr for helping her brand grow.

As a young eighteen-year-old high school graduate, Negin Izad didn’t understand the potential Noctex had to become a genuine brand. Hence, she was selling her clothes on Etsy. Fortunately, her father pushed her to take her brand to the next level. He even bought her a site domain and assisted her in building her brand by booking tickets for her to go to tradeshows in LA’s Fashion District. 

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Little did the genius behind the clothing line know that these tradeshows would prove essential for her, allowing her to make connections that has fueled the brand’s identity? It helper her connect with jobbers supplying the brand with deadstock fabrics to make carefully curated clothing.

The best part is that Negin’s idea for Noctex was always straightforward and that was to create comfortable, sustainable clothes that are also timeless and fashionable. Not only that, what sets the brand apart from the rest is the sustainability factor and the fact that the quirky outfits are all about real people. For Negin, it is more important that her designs are worn by people multiple times. She doesn’t want to create clothes that people wear once or twice for an event or a special occasion and never touch again. She doesn’t want the outfits to be stuffed in a closet, but wants them to be a staple in her consumers’ wardrobes. 

It’s important to understand that Noctex is a brand for the everyday person – it revolves around the “REAL” people. The brand’s goal isn’t to create clothes that are heavily featured on Instagram feeds and social media timelines. Instead, the company refrains from supplying clothes to celebrities because they don’t want their clothes to be sourced by stylists to dress their clients for one-off events. 

In fact, Negin Izad takes pride in the fact that the brand attracts customers from all walks of life. She describes the Noctex’s aesthetic as providing a grungy, utilitarian look. When it comes to the customers, they describe the brand’s style as “the grown-up goth.” The aesthetic is not only cool but also functional, meaning you can wear the innovative designs from morning to night and still feel good about how you look in your attire. Therefore, the clothes are perfect for customers who are dressing for the real world because the real world is busy and messy. At least, that’s how Negin envisions her clothing.

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Since its inception eleven years ago, Noctex has grown every year and has come a long way. The company was initially based out of Vancouver, BC, however, it recently expanded its presence in the United States with a second headquarters in California. 

The brand sells everything from tops and dresses to denim, patches, stickers, boots, cruelty-free cosmetics, nail polish, jewelry, and accessories. The Noctex team also plans to include home goods to offer customers a complete lifestyle experience. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar retail store yet. But fret not, it plans to change that soon. Until then, you can find Noctex online 24/7.