Sarah Halstead’s ‘Drinking During Business Hours’ Podcast revives comedy by bringing artists together over a glass of wine


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Podcasts are a popular form of audio or video content that allows listeners to tune in to a wide variety of topics and genres. From true crime and politics to comedy and self-help, there is a podcast for almost every interest. In addition, they can be listened to on demand, making them a convenient way to stay informed or entertained while on the go. Podcasts have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people tuning in to their favorite shows via apps on their smartphones or smart speakers. They are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news, learn new skills, or simply pass the time.

Sarah Halstead is an actor, host, and comedian who is known for her standup comedy gigs, acting stints, and shows that she has co-hosted with the likes of Jimmy Shin, Darrell Hammond, etc. She even created, wrote, and produced an hour-long standup comedy special, RVs and Cats, available to stream on Amazon Prime. 

Along with her stage and TV shows, she is also involved in podcasts in order to interact with her audiences directly. Her ‘Drinking During Business Hours’ Podcast is quickly becoming a favorite among her fans and followers. The show, which features interviews with other artists over a glass of wine, has a unique and refreshing format, unlike other podcasts.

The idea for ‘Drinking During Business Hours’ came to Sarah Halstead when she was working as a comedy booker in New York City. She realized that many artists needed help finding places to perform and connect with other artists in the industry. Hence, she decided to start her own podcast as a way to bring them together and provide a platform to showcase their talents and talk about their journey.

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The format of the podcast is simple yet effective. In each episode, Sarah Halstead invites an artist to join her over a glass of wine and a conversation. The discussions are unscripted and unedited, giving listeners an authentic and raw look into the lives of the guests sprinkled with funny punchlines by the host. The guests on the show come from various backgrounds, and having different perspectives makes each episode exciting.

One thing that sets ‘Drinking During Business Hours’ apart from other comedy podcasts is the relaxed and casual atmosphere. The show is recorded in an informal setting while the guests are free to be themselves and let their personalities shine through in a comic, fun, and interactive manner. This creates a sense of intimacy and familiarity that is often lacking in other podcasts.

The guests on the show are also carefully selected by Sarah Halstead. She looks for artists with something unique and interesting to say and, who she thinks, will be a good fit for the podcast. This ensures that each episode is packed with exciting and engaging content.

The best part is that the podcast has received rave reviews from listeners and critics alike. Many have praised the show for its innovative format and the way it brings comedians and artists together. Moreover, the show has been praised for its ability to showcase the talents of lesser-known artists, providing them with a platform to gain exposure.

Sarah Halstead’s ‘Drinking During Business Hours’ Podcast is not only a great way to discover new artists, but it also serves as a reminder of the importance of community and connection in the comedy industry. The show has become a safe space for artists to connect, network, and build meaningful relationships. In fact, it has become a go-to destination for fans intrigued by the lives of celebrities and are looking for a fresh and authentic take on the interviews with a light-hearted comic touch. 

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The ‘Drinking During Business Hours’ Podcast is a must-listen for all comedy enthusiasts out there. The show’s special format, relaxed atmosphere, and carefully selected guests make it an entertaining listen. And Sarah Halstead, with all her wits and spontaneity, makes it even more exciting. If you are one of those who are interested to know about your favorite celebs but are sick and tired of the run-of-the-mill interviews, then this is just the podcast for you. It is not only informative but also entertaining and will definitely tickle your funny bone.