Brandon Carrillo—His Career and Upcoming Role in Power Book 2: Ghost Series


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There is no right time to achieve your goals; when you feel it is time, it’s time. Some people spend all their lives searching for their one true passion, while others know it from the moment they step into the world. Whether you’ve always known what you wanted to do in life, grow up to discover it, or are still looking for it, what truly matters is that you do not settle until you find it. That’s what sets you apart from the crowd. 

Boxer-turned-actor, Brandon Carrillo, is an excellent example of people who gradually, but ultimately, discovered what they wanted to do in life and has been going at it with full force ever since. He has emerged as a talented actor since his role in the popular action movie, with a twist of comedy: Big Time Adolescence. He now also stars in Power Book 2: Ghost Series as Nick, which is, in fact, a life-changing part for him and further instates his belief in the fact that he was always meant to be an actor. 

Brandon was born in Cape May, New Jersey. He moved to Los Angles when he turned 18. He was always a fan of sports. Growing up, he would spend hours watching baseball. He was a huge Yankee fan. However, he always had an attachment to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He would spend hours not only watching it but also in the gym training for it. His passion for boxing led him to compete throughout the nation. He even won gold and silver medals in 2014, when he portrayed his knack for lifting weights, manifesting his aptitude in the sport. However, little did Brandon know that the boxing ring was not the only place where his true potential shined.

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When Brandon transitioned from boxing to acting, it was scary but exciting at the same time. “We are always the master of our own fate,” he added. Brandon’s niche is comedy, as he enjoys working on comic roles and believes that they bring out the best in him. In a short span of time, Brandon has successfully impressed his audience with successful roles in films like Best Worst Weekend Ever, Big Time Adolescence and Power Book 2: Ghost Series.

Brandon believes that he always had it in him, but that certainly does not mean that he did not have to face any challenges or setbacks. Talking about his acting career, Brandon recalled, “One of my biggest heartaches was booking the lead role in a biopic about a fighter I admired a lot growing up. Unfortunately, a week before filming, COVID hit, and production halted.” But regardless of the setbacks, Brandon never stopped. He was exceptionally profound at doing justice, whether it was boxing or acting. 

His most recent work is his part in Power book 2; Ghost Series. This American drama television series created by Courtney A. Kem premiered in September 2020. However, due to the love it received from the audience, it has been renewed and is set to premiere on March 17, 2023. What he loves most about his part in the Power Book series is that it has given him a chance to live a life completely different from his own. In fact, it is what he loves about acting the most. “One day you’re a cowboy, the next you’re a lawyer,” he added. 

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Brandon Carrillo is fun and easygoing. His playful demeanor makes him perfect for comedy roles, but even though his comic timing comes naturally to him, he puts incredible effort into each one of his roles. That’s what he advises young people who aspire to be on the big screen one day. But most importantly, he is super excited for Power Book: Ghost Series, “I think this is going to be the best season yet. The entire cast brought their A game, the writers and producers as well. It’s going to be a hell of a ride,” he emphasized. So, you simply can’t miss it!