Skiing Essentials: Clothing Every Beginner Skier Needs in Their Wardrobe


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With temperatures rising around the globe every year, everyone is looking for ways to beat the heat, and a cool new sport to take up to do just that is skiing. Skiing is a great way to let loose and have fun while zipping down one of the many gorgeous ski slopes around Australia and keeping fit at the same time. This makes it the perfect new hobby to take up. But while the sport is bound to help create exhilarating experiences, this can go downhill pretty fast if one is not rightly equipped to handle the elements and the possibilities of injuries when skiing. Here are some essential clothing pieces every beginner needs so they can focus only on the adrenaline when zooming down those snow slopes and forget about everything else:

Thermal Wear

Mainly acting as a second skin to trap the heat so that the wearer isn’t uncomfortably cold due to the low temperatures, thermal wear is a must-have for skiers. But good thermal wear has other functions relevant to the activities and conditions that the wearer may be exposed to that can be taken advantage of. For instance, some men’s thermals have high breathability, are dirt and water repellant, and can also dry very quickly. It is incredibly beneficial for skiers since it’s not the best experience to have cold, wet cloth clinging onto the skin when one is trying to enjoy themselves. Also, men’s thermals come in different materials, usually synthetic fabrics or natural merino wool. Both merino wool and synthetic thermals have their benefits, so take the time to consider what might be the best investment in terms of the level of protection one requires and what additional benefits one wants from the thermal wear.

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Ski Jackets

A good ski jacket can help protect skiers from harsh weather conditions, so it is crucial to pick one that best traps in heat, protects from harsh winds and wet weather conditions. A little exploring might be necessary to settle on the brand and model that suits one the best, so one tip is to start possibly borrowing models one might like from friends or renting until one finds the perfect jacket.

Ski Pants

While these have essentially the same functions as a ski jacket, but for the lower part of the body. They are still an essential item in a skier’s kit. Keeping only certain parts of the body warm while not appropriately protecting other parts means one will feel cold regardless of the warm clothing they have on. Once again, while the extent of requirement may differ, the magic words one should be looking for in an ideal pair of ski pants are waterproof, windproof, and warm.

Ski Gloves

By now, it might be clear that there is a clear emphasis on keeping warm in taking up skiing. Fit is essential in every piece of winter clothing, and the same goes for ski gloves. Pick a pair that does not leave too much space between the skin and the fabric – less space means the slower the body heat escapes. Since skiing involves a fair bit of physical exertion, it may also greatly help if one goes with a pair of breathable gloves to let moisture from sweat escape so that one’s hands don’t start to feel clammy.

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While this list has some essential clothing one needs to have an enjoyable skiing experience, it is important to keep in mind that protective equipment and skiing equipment are not included here, so make sure to add them to the shopping list too!