Thinking About Lip Fillers? Things You Must Know Before Consulting a Doctor


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When it comes to adhering to typical beauty standards, the advancements made in cosmetic procedures are pretty evident. Today, celebrity culture has left ordinary people wishing perfect facial features, and lip fillers have become a priority. 

Since 2000, there has been a 60% increase in people picking lip fillers for their overall look enhancement. As a result, you can expect more volume to your lips as you see in images of famous social media figures. 

However, just like any other surgical procedure, lip augmentation is also a matter of great concern. Here are 4 things to know before heading to the cosmetic surgeon’s office. 

Don’t Carry a Picture for Comparison

The decision to completely alter your facial looks for your entire life should be taken without external influences. Instead of carrying with you a celebrity picture, you should know that doctors don’t appreciate such a step. 

You should try talking to experts about this and understand that each person has different anatomy. The same treatment that does wonders for others can quickly wreak havoc on your appearance. Instead, you should allow the surgeons to offer you the best advice. 

Each Filler Type is Different

Collagen is no longer the sole option for lip fillers. Today, you will find multiple derma options based on your budget and preference. You can also choose between permanent and temporary fillers. 

People prefer to opt for temporary hyaluronic acid as their go-to option. This substance is naturally present in the body and gels well with water. As a result, these fillers are naturally absorbed. 

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You Might Feel Some Pain

Usually, lip fillers are advertised as quick and painless, but that is not what you should be hoping for. In the end, the amount of pain varies for different people. You are given some anesthetics during the procedure that help numb the soreness. 

Also, each hyaluronic acid filler contains lidocaine which helps lessen the pain during the injection process. After its effect wears off, you might feel some easiness and notice bruises on your lips. However, following the doctor’s advice, like applying ice and limiting alcohol intake, should work fine. 

Focus on the Pre-Treatment Care

Before getting lip fillers, you should be mindful of your medicinal intake. It is better to avoid aspirin, Vitamin E supplements or ibuprofen, as they help thin your blood. In such cases, there might be excessive bleeding. 

The cosmetic surgeon might also prescribe some medication to be taken a few days before the treatment for some people. You should also ensure that any acne around your face is already dealt with. Additionally, avoid scheduling any vaccination or dental appointments at the same time to prevent bacteria flow into the body. 


Medical progress has made it possible for humans to alter their appearance as per their choice. Alongside botox and chemical peels, lip fillers are probably one of the most common beauty treatments. 

In this procedure, the dermatologist injects your lips with hyaluronic acid or other chemical substances to achieve a fuller look. As a result, your lips appear poutier and plumper. 

However, you should always be careful before going for any medical procedures. It is important to know the treatment you are opting for in detail. Additionally, you must follow all the abovementioned points and make the best-informed decisions.

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