Top 3 Wireless Earphones of 2021 That You Can Buy


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Let us just be straight up honest, if living in the year 2021, you don’t own a pair of wireless earphones then you haven’t experienced the best form of sound entertainment yet. 

While the above statement can make one angry, disappointed or even agree with it, we are here for everyone enlightening you about the top 5 wireless earphones that are the best for the year 2021 and how you should purchase any one among them according to your budget and needs. 

We have prepared the list by keeping all of the more popular options in mind e.g., Air pods and also AirBuds Pro. So, instead of going out in the pandemic, just look at the specialty of each of the wireless earphones listed below and also save yourself from the risk of being exposed to COVID-19. 

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MPOW X3 – Knowing for Great Noise Cancellation

If you are looking for a pair of wireless earphones with decent clarity and powerful bass then MPOW X3 is a promising one. On top of that the product is also known for its ANC so you get the value for money that you truly deserve as they are usually around $60 on multiple E-commerce platforms. 

The earphones come with varying sizes of ear tips and are also fully waterproof (IPX8) with seven hours of battery life. You can charge it via the USB-C charging and unfortunately, it case looks a lot like as if you are holding a fat version of the original Airpods case. The only issue with these headphones is the lag but that only occurs when you are on YouTube and also the charging is low.

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The touch controls are also not very easy to understand but with a bit of practice and few compromises on the quality of the product overall, nothing can beat it at least within this price tag. 

Sennheiser CX 400 BT

This one is a more affordable version of the popular Momentum True Wireless II by Sennheiser and since these are discontinued so one can easily find them within $100. So, the quality you get for this price tag convinced us to include it in the list. The only drawback is that they are bulbous and not as comfortable as their luxurious counterpart the Momentum True Wireless II. But then again, the top-notch sound quality covers for that so much that you would like to thank the company for offering such a masterpiece at this price tag. You can easily connect this earphone to the best laptop brand.

AirBuds Pro

This is a company that hasn’t spent a lot of time in the market but there is one thing for sure that the AirBuds Pro has certainly impressed the users ever since its entry. The earphones are being loved for excellent active noise cancellation under $60 and on top of that, it also offers a great battery life while also having a design and feel of the new Airpods Pro. 

All in all, if you are short on budget and you want a product that is as good as Airpods Pro, then AirBuds Pro is that one name that come at the top.