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When we talk about transgender representation in the fashion and film industry, we can find Valentina Sampaio and Valentina Sampaio before surgery search results over the internet. Valentina Sampaio is a renowned transgender model who is known to be the first transgender Vogue cover girl. In 2017 she came into the limelight when she became the 1st transgender girl to become the cover girl of Vogue Paris. subsequently, she became the face of Vogue Brazil and Vogue Germany. She used to be a different gender before Valentina Sampaio surgery was completed. Valentina Sampaio before surgery photos is totally different from how she looks now.  Now she is one of the popular and famous Trans models acclaimed globally. Valentina Sampaio as a child  Coming from a small fish catching town of Brazil had given him a lot of speed breakers in his life. She fought hard to bring changes for trans models in the fashion industry. 

It would be very interesting to know about Valentina Sampaio before surgery, parents , siblings, parents, relationships, struggles,etc . 

Let’s check out a quick bio and details, before knowing about Valentina Sampaio as a  child to adulthood journey.

Name- Valentina sampaio

Birthdate– 10-dec-1996

Age – 24

Height – 5.95Ft or 1.77m 

Birthplace- fishing village in Aquiraz, Ceará, Brazil

Occupation- Modeling, acting

Social media – Twitter Valenttsoficial, Instagram valentts, Facebook valentts

Hair colour – brown

Eye colour – green

Nationality-  Brazilian

Bio of Valentina sampaio 

Valentina Sampaio is a famed Transgender Brazilian model. She is applauded for her niche physique and defined body shape.  After valentina sampaio surgery happened, she gained the female specific body. She became extensively popular in August 2019, when she became the 1st transgender girl to be featured in Vogue paris.

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Sampaio has been a beautiful Brazilian girl since childhood. Similarly, she was fond of modeling and acting at a young age. Valentina Sampaio as a child was very talented.

Since childhood she used to feel different about her gender. Valentina Sampaio parents understood her child. Eventually Valentina sampaio felt gratitude towards god for having such encouraging parents. When we talk about valentina sampaio Partner there is unauthenticated data available over the google.

Valentina Sampaio relationship

Information about Valentina Sampaio partner is not available in the public domain. but according to some insight and media reports we can give you some information about Valentina Sampaio Relationship and her dating to our readers. A photo made viral from Rio de janeiro when it is seen that Valentina is dating a girl named West Meadows. Media reports said that Valentina Sampaio is dating and enjoying a happy time with her. While the veracity of valentina sampaio Partner is blurry 

Valentina Sampaio Parents 

Valentina Sampaio parents belongs to a middle class family. As she was born in a small fishing village  in Aquiraz, Ceará, which is present in  Northeastern Brazil. Valentina says ‘ she is vey proud of her family and acknowledges that she was cherished and supported by her famly as a Transgender girl’. Valentina Sampaio identified her gender demands like a girl.Subsequently  at the age of  8, she realised what gender she wanted to be ?. She even refuses to share her birth name before she transitioned to a girl. 

There are no official details of Valentina sampaio sister available. Though many times Sara Sampaio and Valentina Sampaio are seen together, it is totally untrue that they both are sisters or siblings. There is no authentic  information about Valentina Sampaio sister.

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Valentina Sampaio life before and after surgery

The life of Valentina Sampaio before and after surgery is completely different. Transgender Surgery has changed her identity radically and gave her the identity that she always used to aspire. At the young age of 8 year she get the thought that she wanted to be like a girl. When valentina Sampaio underwent surgery her outer look and physique was totally changed. Valentina Sampaio life before and after surgery can be seen as a life changing transformation for her. Valentina Sampaio before surgery life was dissimilar than after surgery.

Valentina Sampaio before photos

The memories of her transformation from a boy to girl can be seen in Valentina sampaio photos. Appearance after Valentina sampaio surgery is quite a distinctive change in her life. The physique of a young girl and posts of valentina sampaio before photos  and after are much loved by people. One can see the difference in the appearance of Valentina sampaio before photos and after photos. 

Valentina Sampaio Achievements

Valentina sampaio is known for her distinctive features as transgender, that paves way for other transgender they can also beome like her. valentina sampaio as a child was very much confident about her gender and it showed in her career.

Lets see 

  1. At the beginning Valentina Sampaio was studying architecture, later she dropped it and started modelling. Eventually, she started studying fashion when she realised she had keen interest in fashion.
  2. She is the 1st transgender to be the exclusive cover girl for French Vogue. Later she was also featured as a cover girl for Vogue Germany and Brazil. Subsequently, she has worked with several brands like Dior, H&M, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, L’Oréal, Philipp Plein, etc.
  3. She was discovered by a makeup artist and firstly signed an agreement with Saulo paulo modelling agency.
  4. At the age of 8 she relinquished her former name as soon as she identified herself as a girl in a boy body.
  5. Valentina Sampaio has struggled and bullied by his client being a transgender model. But models like Andreja Pejc, Hari Nef etc have inspired to be part of the fashion industry.
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Valentine shampoo is an icon tht has came out as a trans model pioner to fought for the transgender rights in fashion industry.