Who Owns Kidz Bop? What’s The Vision Behind the Popular Music Brand?

If you’re in the loop with tween tunes, you’ve likely come across the sensation known as “KIDZ BOP.” This powerhouse has been rocking the scene since 2001. Discover who owns Kidz Bop?


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What’s cool about this label is that it’s not just about family-friendly tunes – the music is performed by kids, and they pick them through big casting calls all over the country. These kids end up recording albums, going on tours, and even starring in KIDZ BOP ads. Some of them are crazy young, like just 12 years old! They’ve sold over 23 million albums, and KIDZ BOP has been holding it down on Billboard’s Top 100 Artists chart for more than ten years now. Beyond the lively image of this teen-powered hit factory, there’s a sneak peek into what makes this musical phenomenon tick. It’s pretty wild!

When did Kidz Bop Start?

Kidz Bop has been a thing since 2001, and it’s been super popular. Craig Balsam and Cliff Chenfeld, the Razor and Tie co-founders, started it up. They go out and find these cool kids who can sing and dance, usually between nine to twelve years old. Kidz Bop dropped their first track on October 9, 2001, and it’s been a hit. What’s cool is how they do these catchy covers, but they make sure to take out any grown-up stuff from the original songs. They want it all kid and family-friendly. And it works, man! They’re rocking high spots on the Billboard Hot 100.

But it’s not just about the covers. Kidz Bop does a bunch of stuff like selling cool gear, making music videos, and going on tour. It even includes hosting talent contests. They’re not just a music thing anymore – they’re everywhere! They’ve even spread their vibes to places like Germany, the UK, France, and Mexico. Kidz Bop went from being a music brand to this huge global thing.

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Who is the CEO of KIDZ BOP?

Sasha Junk is the big boss at KIDZ BOP, and she’s been part of the crew for 13 years. In this phone chat she did in late April, she spilled some deets about why KIDZ BOP is so successful.

During her time there, Sasha helped kick off KIDZ BOP’s touring stuff and teamed up big time with Live Nation. She’s seen the business change a bunch with all the crazy shifts in the music world. Despite being widely recognized for its CD covers, the label has embraced transformative shifts. This, according to Junk, has remarkably opened up numerous opportunities.

Who is the Founder of KIDZ BOP?

Founded in 2001 by Craig Balsam and Cliff Chenfeld, KIDZ BOP emerged from a shared observation during their journeys through the birthday party circuit. Both fathers of three kids noticed a distinct absence of music tailored for school-aged children. While preschoolers had their tunes, like the classic “Wheels on the Bus,” there was a noticeable gap for the five to eight-year-old demographic. To fill this void, Balsam and Chenfeld utilized their label, Razor & Tie, as the platform to launch KIDZ BOP.

Who owns KIDZ BOP?

Regarding ownership, KIDZ BOP Enterprises LLC is now under the umbrella of Concord Music Group. It also boasts other prominent labels such as Fearless and STAX Records.

Why Nobody Sues KIDZ BOP?

At KIDZ BOP, the primary focus is on creating cover versions of popular songs. While the lyrics may undergo some creative adjustments to remove profanity, the melodies remain unchanged. Addressing the potential legal implications, Sasha Junk explains that anyone can record anything, as long as they fulfill their obligations by paying mechanicals and publishing – a form of royalty checks.

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What’s the Age of the KIDZ BOP kids?

One of KIDZ BOP's 2023 Albums

Image credit- KIDZ BOP

The KIDZ BOP crew has all sorts of ages in the mix. Most of them are in the preteen scene. Right now, the youngest kid in the group is 12, and the oldest is 14. Sasha Junk says there’s no super strict age rule, but they usually pick kids between 10 and 12. These guys stick around for a few years, so by the time they hit 13 or 14, they’re kind of naturally out of the group. Sometimes, though, they might stay till they’re 15. It’s like a mix of ages in the KIDZ BOP fam!

What’s the Appropriate Age for Listening to KIDZ BOP?

According to Sasha Junk, the target audience for KIDZ BOP fans is between the ages of five and nine. To create a relatable experience, it works best when the performers are slightly older but still close in age. Junk emphasizes the concept of being “aspirational but attainable.” Unlike watching pop stars in their 30s on stage, KIDZ BOP concerts allow fans to relate and identify with the kids performing. This approach brings the star power down to earth, creating a connection that resonates with the younger audience.

Who is the Most Popular KIDZ BOP Artist?

With a musical legacy as prominent as KIDZ BOP, it’s no surprise that some of its former members have gone on to achieve music stardom. Zendaya, now a two-time Golden Globe winner, and Ross Lynch, known for his roles, including portraying serial killers, both started their careers as KIDZ BOP alumni. Another success story is Becky G, whose hit song ‘Shower’ became a synth-pop sensation after honing her skills at the KIDZ BOP music factory.

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However, not all KIDZ BOP participants choose an entertainment life, as Sasha Junk notes. Some decide to return to a more typical childhood. Junk has been involved in writing college letters of recommendation for former members who have pursued higher education. She has also witnessed them transition to various life paths, including marriage and parenthood – or, in a playful nod, having “KIDZ” of their own.

Conclusion: Who Owns Kidz Bop? 

The KIDZ BOP channel on SiriusXM has gained massive popularity with over 34 million subscribers, consistently securing the top spot on Billboard’s Kids Artists chart for more than ten years. Sasha Junk, attributing the enduring success of KIDZ BOP to the timeless appeal of pop music, highlights its resonance with everyday singers who passionately sing along in the back of the minivan – the quintessential “hairbrush singers.” Since its establishment in 2001, the brand has rolled out an impressive 74 albums, maintaining a steady pace of about four releases per year. This consistent output reflects KIDZ BOP’s dedication to delivering a continuous flow of family-friendly music for its loyal audience in an industry often characterized by volatility.


Q1: Who owns Kidz Bop?

Kidz Bop is under the ownership of KIDZ BOP LLC, a part of the Concord Music Group.

Q2: Who’s calling the shots at Kidz Bop these days?

Sasha Junk is currently holding down the fort at Kidz Bop as the president.

Q3: Is Kidz Bop rolling in the dough?

While the exact financial deets might not be out there, Kidz Bop has made serious waves in the music biz with millions of albums sold and a strong presence across different media and entertainment scenes.