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Everyone loves to see a wire artist so here is an amazing wire artist Lijana Wallenda. But some people don’t know about her life, So Lijana Wallenda is an American acrobat and a very nice wire artist and Lijana Wallenda known as a sister of Nik Wallenda, she loves her work but after some time in 2017, Lijana Wallenda injury incident gone viral, when Lijana Wallenda was practicing with her circus crew, then she goes down from the 40 feet height. So let’s discuss properly Lijana Wallenda Wikipedia of her life. In this article, we will discuss Lijana Wallenda Accident, Lijana Wallenda’s age, Nik Wallenda’s net worth, Lijana Wallenda’s boyfriend, Lijana Wallenda Instagram, and all Lijana Wallenda injuries. So let’s discuss Lijana Wallenda’s life.

Lijana Wallenda Wikipedia

Name- Lijana Wallenda

Nickname- Lijana

Age- N/A

Birthplace- Sarasota, Florida

Nationality- American

Education- N/A

Hair color- Blonde

Eye color- Brown

Ethnicity- Caucasian

Parents- Terry troffer and Delilah Wallenda

Married/ single- Married with Anthony Hernandez (divorced)

Sibling- Nik Wallenda

Lijana Wallenda Wikipedia (BIO) –

Lijana Wallenda is an American woman who is famous as a wire artist and knows as a Nik Wallenda sister. As everyone knows about Nik Wallenda but some people don’t know about Nik Wallenda’s sister.

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So Nik Wallenda sister is Lijana Wallenda who is an acrobat and high wire artist, Lijana Wallenda parents name is Terry Troffer and Delilah Wallenda.

And you know that recently Nik Wallenda made headlines for wire walking over Nicaraguan Volcano with his wife Erendira Wallenda. But we all know about Nik Wallenda, so let’s discuss more things about Lijana Wallenda on Wikipedia.

How old is Lijana Wallenda- (Lijana Wallenda age) 

Every people want to ask that how old is Lijana Wallenda and what is the exact Lijana Wallenda age?

So for your information, Lijana Wallenda was born in Sarasota, Florida but there is no information about Lijana Wallenda’s age and her birth date. But yes, according to the information Lijana Wallenda’s age is mid of the ’40s, and Lijana Wallenda older than his brother Nik Wallenda.

Lijana Wallenda Boyfriend and married life (Lijana Wallenda Dating) –

There s nothing information about Lijana Wallenda dating life or Lijana Wallenda boyfriend but according to the internet, Lijana Wallenda is a single woman now but she was married too to her ex-husband Anthony Hernandez who is also known as a wire performer and Lijana Wallenda husband goes on the stage which is Tony Tightropes.

Lijana Wallenda ex-husband clearly spoke up about his family background that-

He was adopted by his mother Lissette, their parents are very abusive and they adopt him during world war 2 in the German war.

Anthony’s father is also a part of the circus where he starts working in Cuba.

And Lijana Wallenda and Anthony first met when they were children at the age of 6 to 8, they said their family performing in the circus then they met the first time but after some time when Lijana Wallenda is 17 and Anthony is 19, they re-met at the dollar movie time.

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Then they both took a step for married life. And after sometime on August 12, 2013, Lijana Wallenda’s ex-husband was arrested for domestic violence and according to the report, the statement is Anthony reportedly tackled and punched his wife. Then they took a step for divorce, so now Lijana Wallenda is a single woman.

Lijana Wallenda career-

As I told you that Lijana Wallenda comes from a famous family who is famous as a wire performer, people called them the flying Wallendas. Slowly-slowly Lijana Wallenda started learning to walk on the wire, she wants to become like her father.

Lijana Wallenda learned wire performance from her father, and Lijana Wallenda’s younger brother also loves to walk on the wire. After sometime Lijana Wallenda and her brother make many records as a wire performer.

Lijana Wallenda and his brother Nik Wallenda is the first wire performer who is successful cross New York Times Square on a tightrope 25 stories above the all street level. They made a record and the date is 23 June 2019.

Lijana Wallenda Injuries – (Lijana Wallenda Accident)

Lijana Wallenda’s accident was very dangerous, in February 2017, Lijana Wallenda and Nik Wallenda and their other members were performing as the best wire performer to make a new Guinness World Record from the huge 40 feet height pyramid Highwire act.

Don’t know how the pyramid collapsed and Lijana Wallenda and the other 4 members are performing with Lijana Wallenda. Nik Wallenda’s sister Lijana Wallenda faced every bad injury, Lijana Wallenda’s every face bone was broken. Lijana Wallenda took three plates and 72 screws on her face during surgery.

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When the media talked to Nik Wallenda about Lijana Wallenda’s injuries, he said.

 The high wire act just fell. We have multiple people on the ground,” a 911 caller said. They are 4 on the ground, I would never imagine that type of pretty injuries which we got.

But, Lijana Wallenda recovered now and she performing back as a wire artist.

Nik Wallenda net worth-

There is no update about Lijana Wallenda’s net worth, but when we will know, we will update it. 

But Nik Wallenda net worth is $4 million and he takes $500 thousand per major stunt.

Lijana Wallenda Instagram –

Go and follow this amazing wire artist and you can also see her videos and pictures related to the show. So follow Lijana Wallenda Instagram.

Lijana Wallenda Instagram id- lijanawallenda (lijanawallenda)

You can also click on this link to follow her- https://www.instagram.com/lijanawallenda/

Lijana Wallenda Wikipedia facts–

  • Born in Sarasota
  • Lijana Wallenda is a wire artist
  • Lijana Wallenda accident broke her face bone
  • Lijana Wallenda divorced Anthony
  • Nik Wallenda sister Lijana Wallenda
  • All family famous as a wire performer