All about Taylor Lewan’s Mom: His Family, Girlfriend, Father, Salary, and More

Taylor Lewan’s mom, Kelly Riley, has been a subject of online discussions and rumors, but she keeps a relatively private personal life.


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The American football player Taylor Lewan in Tennessee of the National Football League (NFL) holds substantial importance. He is the best offensive tackle for the Titans. Read more about Taylor Lewan in this article.

Taylor Lewan Bio

Taylor Lewan is a 28-year-old who was born on July 22, 1991. According to the zodiac calendar, his sign is Cancer. Lewan attended the University of Michigan in 2009 and studied General Studies concurrently with his team football. Lewan was chosen during the primary phase of the 2014 NFL selection by the Tennessee Titans, achieving acknowledgment within football domains, and attaining a four-star evaluation from both and

He positioned as the fifth most outstanding player in Arizona and clinched the 194th place, as stated by Moreover, also designated him as the fifth most agile and third most athletic offensive lineman. Lewan stands impressively tall at around 6 feet and 7 inches, which is approximately 2.01 meters. Additionally, he boasts a considerable weight of about 140 kilograms.

Who is Taylor Lewan’s Mom?

On the internet, there have been numerous discussions and rumors surrounding Taylor Lewan mom, Kelly Liley. These rumors began when Kelly wore a revealing black dress during an interview. It led to questions in the media regarding her appearance. Additionally, Taylor’s father’s name is Dave Lewan. Notably, Dave also had a football career, having played for Oakridge Secondary School in London and later as an offensive lineman at the University of Minnesota.

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Taylor Lewan Relationship

Taylor Lewan maintained a romantic relationship with Taylin Gallacher. She has now become his wife after their marriage. The couple has a daughter named Wynne Rebel Lewan. Notably, Taylin gave birth to their daughter before their marriage took place.

Taylor Lewan tied the knot with Taylin Gallacher in a wedding ceremony held in Big Sur, California. Members of his football team were present at the event, and one of the Titans’ players shared a photo from the ceremony.

Taylor Lewan Salary

The Tennessee Titans awarded Taylor Lewan a five-year contract worth $80 million. This total amount is a $11 million signing bonus, and $50 million guaranteed money. He earns his average annual salary to total $16 million throughout the contract, with approximately $11 million to base salary in 2019.

What Lies Ahead for Taylor Lewan?

Lewan was a free agent following a dull 2022 season. He was an excellent left tackle who has played in the Pro Bowl for nine seasons and Tennessee Titans. The Titans waived him as a cap-clearing transaction involving multiple veterans. Lewan has however not confirmed that he would carry on with his NFL career. However, if he does, it’s improbable that he would join any of the three other teams within the AFC South: Jacksonville, Indianapolis, or Houston.

However, he has unveiled a handful of potential landing spots to extend his NFL tenure. These possibilities encompass the Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Philadelphia Eagles. His eventual placement as an offensive lineman remains to be observed. After the draft, a couple of teams might regard him as a suitable addition.

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Conclusion: Taylor Lewan Mom and Dad

In conclusion, while Taylor Lewan’s professional football career often takes the spotlight, his family plays a significant role in shaping his life. Taylor’s mother, Kelly Riley, has been subject to various discussions and rumors, although her personal life remains relatively private. Taylor’s father, Dave Lewan, himself a former football player, has provided a foundational influence in Taylor’s athletic journey.

Moreover, Taylor’s family expanded with his marriage to Taylin Gallacher, and the birth of their daughter, Wynne Rebel Lewan. Despite Taylor’s success on the field, his family remains a grounding force and an essential part of his life beyond the realm of football. The complexity and influence of Taylor Lewan’s family dynamics add depth to the understanding of the man behind the professional athlete.


Q: Who is Taylor Lewan’s mom?

A: Taylor Lewan’s mother is Kelly Riley.

Q: What do we know about Kelly Riley?

A: Kelly Riley, Taylor Lewan’s mother, has been a subject of online discussions and rumors, but she keeps a relatively private personal life.

Q: Who is Taylor Lewan’s father?

A: Taylor Lewan’s father is Dave Lewan. He also had a football career, playing for Oakridge Secondary School in London and as an offensive lineman at the University of Minnesota.

Q: Has Taylor Lewan started his own family?

A: Yes, Taylor Lewan is married to Taylin Gallacher. They have a daughter named Wynne Rebel Lewan.

Q: Any recent updates about Taylor Lewan’s family?

A: As of the latest information available, Taylor Lewan’s family life has been relatively private, and there are no recent significant updates beyond the known details about his wife, daughter, mother, and father.

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Q: How has Taylor Lewan’s family influenced his life?

A: Taylor Lewan’s family, particularly his father’s background in football and the support of his wife and daughter, plays a significant role in his life and career, providing both support and grounding outside of his professional football endeavors.