Meghan Markle Sexy & Hot Throwback Pics: From Royalty to Red-Hot Santa

How does Meghan Markle sexy Santa photo differ from her style today?


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Back in the day, Meghan was a straight up smokeshow on Deal or No Deal. She’d strut out in a teeny Santa dress, looking fine as wine. Had that perfect combo of beauty, sass and star power.

Girl was hustlin’ hard to make it in Hollywood. Had to use what she had to get ahead. No shame in that game. Meghan had ambition and wasn’t afraid to take risks.

She’s come a long way since slingin’ suitcases. Now she reps royalty with grace and flair. But deep down, she’s still that firecracker reppin’ briefcase #24. Meghan keeps it real, always. Mad respect.

Meghan’s Career Before Prince Harry

Meghan Markle posing

Image credit- Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Way before Prince Harry put a ring on it, Meghan was hustling in Hollywood. She started out holding briefcase #24 on “Deal or No Deal.” Meghan looked super hot rocking those skimpy outfits on the game show. You could tell she was destined for big things with her beauty and charm.

After that, Meghan levelled up and landed a starring role on “Suits.” She killed it as Rachel Zane for seven seasons straight. Her acting game was on point.

meghan markle in blue mini dress on deal or no deal

Image credit- NBC

Meghan has always had that sparkle. She started at the bottom but kept climbing. From holding briefcases to marrying a prince – not too shabby Meghan! She’s living the dream. Mad respect for doing her thing in Hollywood and finding her happily ever after. Meghan’s story gives me hope I can do big things too. She’s a real one.

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Meghan Markle Sexy Santa Photo Surfaces

Meghan Markle Braless Photos: Duchess of Sussex Without a Bra

Image credit- Tim Rooke/Shutterstock

An old pic of Meghan as a Deal or No Deal briefcase babe recently went viral. Meghan’s rockin’ the holiday spirit in a sexy Santa mini dress. With lush curls and bombshell makeup, she looks straight fire! This look is crazy different from her classy Suits style or royal gowns.

Back then, Meghan was hustlin’ on the game show circuit. Now she’s chillin’ in castles with Prince Harry. Talk about a major glow up! Guess that’s what happens when you got beauty, brains and ambition.

meghan markle in leather on deal or no deal

Image credit- NBC

Meghan keeps it real no matter what. She does her – whether she’s slingin’ briefcases or tiaras. Mad respect for that hustle. She’s lived a few lives but stayed true to herself. Meghan just exudes that star power. Some things never change.

From Red-Hot Santa to Refined Royal

Meghan Markle Braless Photos: Duchess of Sussex Without a Bra

Image credit- Richard Young/Shutterstock

Meghan’s days as a briefcase beauty on “Deal or No Deal” were over a decade ago now. Since then, she has dramatically transformed her style to fit her various roles.

As an actor on “Suits,” Meghan regularly walked the red carpet in trendy outfits and glamorous gowns. But since joining the royal family after her 2018 marriage, Meghan has honed a refined, sophisticated style. She favors neutral colors, minimal accessories, and timeless silhouettes ideal for a duchess.

Prince Harry looks at Meghan Markle as she laughs in a white coat

Image credit- Chris Jackson

While Meghan left her briefcase girl days long behind her, the sexy Santa photo reminds us of Meghan’s humble beginnings in the entertainment industry. It’s proof she worked hard over many years before becoming British royalty.

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So while Meghan Markle looks poised and polished today, it’s fun to see her flashy throwback moment! The red-hot Santa outfit shows Meghan’s early modeling skills that led to an impressive career and life.

Conclusion: Meghan Markle Hot Santa Pictures

This steamy snap of a pre-royal Meghan Markle decked out in festive red proves Prince Harry’s bride has always known how to bring the heat.

Though her style has cooled to elegant neutrals befitting a duchess these days, this photo shows Meghan’s flair for leaving temperatures – and jaws – dropping. Briefcase girl #24 rocked her Santa suit with voluminous curls and va-va-voom makeup that would make old Saint Nick blush beneath his beard.

From deal presenter to Deal or No Deal, Meghan was serving up some serious holiday spice. Fast forward a decade through Suits and royalty and her look is far more Nice than Naughty, but that’s not to say this future princess can’t still bring a little raw-raw when she wants to.

So while her days of tree-trimming attire are likely over, this snapshot shows Meghan’s talents aren’t just poised and polished. Girl’s got range! So we raise a glass of eggnog to Meghan Markle, briefcase bombshell turned British royalty. But we’ll always have a soft spot for Santa’s sexiest helper. 


Q1: How does Meghan Markle sexy Santa photo differ from her style today? 

A: As a royal, Meghan now wears refined, elegant outfits in neutral colors – a contrast from the red-hot, revealing Santa outfit.

Q2: Does the Meghan Markle hot Santa photo change public perception of her? 

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A: The photo provides an interesting glimpse into Meghan’s modeling past, but she remains respected for her current philanthropic work and role as a royal. 

Q3: Was modeling helpful experience for Meghan’s later acting career? 

A: Yes, appearing on “Deal or No Deal” helped give Meghan early experience in television and modeling before transitioning into acting.